Rock Your Twitter Lists

Elect the right members to power up your campaigns.

Electoral lets you manage Twitter lists to efficiently meet your goals.

Find The Right People

Focus on customers, candidates, participants; monitor competitors or highlight influencers.

Engage Communities

Filter by hashtags, bio, location, followers and more to segment your audience.

Track Industry Trends

Turn tweets into insights and effectively gather links by building highly targeted lists.

What you can do easily with Electoral

Sort and search your lists

Copy or merge existing lists, or setup automatic scouts to find new list members.

Manage List Members

Remove multiple members in a single operation or quickly assign multiple followers or friends to list at once.

Electoral lets you do more


Review list members, profiles, Twitter activity and relationships to research effectiveness.


Use Excel to generate your own reports by exporting list data to CSV files.


All lists are synced with Twitter. Show results in your team dashboards and suites.